administration Administration

Fellowship Director: Dr. Ninfa Mehta
The Administration Fellowship is a 1 to 2 year fellowship to provide physicians to become effective administrators by learning tools to improve patient care through a systems approach. The fellowship will focus on core topics such as operations, throughput, leadership, finance, policy development and implementation and quality improvement. The goal of the non-ACGME fellowship is to create leaders as healthcare executives that are focused on patient care and patient safety.

disaster Disaster

Fellowship Director: Dr. Bonnie Arquilla
The Disaster Preparedness Fellowship at SUNY Downstate is one of the most unique post-graduate academic programs in the field of emergency preparedness, offering fundamental training in disaster management, opportunities in disaster research and clinical work, and training in the public health aspects of emergency preparedness. The fellowship also provides an opportunity to complete the SUNY Downstate Masters in Public Health program during the 2 year program. Click here for more info.

education Education

Fellowship Director: Dr. Teresa Y. Smith, MD, MSEd
This fellowship is designed to prepare emergency physicians to navigate and become leaders in the world of medical education. Through this 2-Year Fellowship, fellows build their careers in education leadership at the UME, GME, and CME level. With subsidized funding for an advanced degree, and a stipend towards certifications in MERC, the ACEP Teaching Fellowship, and the ALiEM Fellowship Incubator, fellows graduate from the program well equipped for a career as a leader in academic emergency medicine. In addition, the fellow is able to network at the regional level through ALL NYC EM and national level through CORD membership. Faculty Advisors hold advanced degrees in medical education; are well-known regional, national, and international leaders in education and global health; and are Assistant Deans and Clinical Curriculum Instructors at SUNY Downstate College of Medicine.  Each Fellow has a UME, GME, and CME Advisor to expose them to the various tracks of a medical education career.

international International EM

Fellowship Director: Dr. Christina Bloem
The SUNY Downstate International Emergency Medicine Fellowship educates emergency physicians in the development of emergency medicine systems abroad, establishment of emergency medicine as a specialty, international humanitarian work in emergency medicine, disaster medicine, and global public health. The SUNY Downstate International Emergency Medicine Division works in partnership with EMEDEX International, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of emergency medicine worldwide. Click here for more info.

International Elective Curriculum | Application for EMEDEX Grant | Orientation Packet for International Electives

pem Pediatric EM

Fellowship Director: Dr. Jennifer Chao
The Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at SUNY Downstate cares for over 50,000 visits between Kings County Hospital and University Hospital of Brooklyn. With the support of a full compliment of pediatric medical and surgical subspecialties, we provide excellent care for the children of Brooklyn.The fellowship curriculum consists of clinical rotations in the pediatric emergency department and areas related to pediatric emergency medicine, including anesthesia, critical care, orthopedics, trauma, simulation, ultrasound, radiology, child abuse, EMS, and research. Click here for more info.

sim Simulation

Fellowship Director: Dr. Stephan Rinnert
The goals of the Simulation Fellowship are to impart advanced training in medical simulation through the development, delivery, evaluation and research of simulation-based educational programs.

ultrasound Ultrasound

Fellowship Director: Dr. Andrew Aherne
The SUNY Downstate/Kings County Hospital Center Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship is a one-year program dedicated to producing leaders in Emergency Ultrasound. The fellowship includes scanning shifts in the Emergency Department, video review and QA, bedside teaching and simulator training of medical students, residents and faculty, academic research and publication, and co-leadership of courses for community and academic physicians. Click here for more info.