Class of 2019

aldubayan Maan Aldubayan
Hometown: Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Undergrad: University of Dammam
Medical School: University of Dammam
Hobbies: Soccer, drawing, movies, music (the good old times like MJ’s music), discover new places and different cultures
cutright Molly Cutright
Hometown: Ipswich, MA
Undergrad: Georgetown University
Medical School: Temple University
Hobbies: Traveling, Netflix marathons, my dogs, things not involving medicine
delgadotorres Nayla Delgado Torres
Hometown: Hatillo, Puerto Rico
Undergrad: University of Puerto Rico
Medical School: University of Puerto Rico
Hobbies: Drawing, eating, traveling, outdoor activities, TV series
granados Jesus Granados
Hometown: Rowland Heights, CA
Undergrad: Sonoma State University
Medical School: UCSF
Hobbies: beaches, sun, sand, travel, biking, swimming, running, delicious food & drink, and adventure in general
hadi Sara Hadi
Hometown: Queens, NY
Undergrad: St John’s University
Medical School: Saint Louis University SOM
Hobbies: Netflix, eating, trying new cuisines, cuddling my cat, being cuddled by my cat
hanson Elizabeth Hanson
Hometown: Auburn, AL
Undergrad: University of Pennsylvania
Medical School: Jefferson Medical College
Hobbies: yoga, cooking, good food and drink, keeping my plants alive, enjoying the city as well as the great outdoors, HANGING WITH MY AMAZING CO-RESIDENTS
jaramillo Juliana Jaramillo
Hometown: Northport, NY
Undergrad: SUNY Buffalo
Medical School: SUNY Downstate
Hobbies: Traveling, exploring new places, dancing, baking, spending time with friends & family
kathawala Sana Kathawala
Hometown: Hazlet, NJ
Undergrad: Rutgers University
Medical School: Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Hobbies: BEACH, travel, reading, running
kelson Kyle Kelson
Hometown: SF Bay Area
Undergrad: UCLA
Medical School: Albert Einstein COM
Hobbies: Skiing, biking, running, homebrewing
kwak Esther Kwak
Hometown: Jericho, NY
Undergrad: Stony Brook
Medical School: Stony Brook
Hobbies: biking/scootering/walking around my new hood 🙂
martinezromo Miguel Martinez-Romo
Hometown: Aguascalientes, MX and Bay Area
Undergrad: UC Berkeley
Medical School: UC Davis
Hobbies: Food, sports, drinks, and exploring new cities
pukurdpol Paul Pukurdpol
Hometown: Denver, CO
Undergrad: University of Colorado, Boulder
Medical School: University of Colorado SOM
Hobbies: Causing mischief, anything outdoors, travel, adventure
riscinti Matthew Riscinti
Hometown: River Vale, NJ
Undergrad: University of Delaware
Medical School: SUNY Downstate
Hobbies: Rock climbing, snowboarding, travel, food (especially in NYC), coffee, road trips that allow me to do all the aforementioned activities
song Peter Song
Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ
Undergrad: University of Michigan
Medical School: SUNY Downstate
Hobbies: Basketball, snowboarding, traveling, chillin with Sundae (pictured)
surles Robert Taylor Surles
Hometown: Houston, TX
Undergrad: Texas A&M University
Medical School: University of Texas Medical Branch
Hobbies: Grilling, making fires, making beer, drinking beer, all of netflix, movies
ta Karen Ta
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Undergrad: UCLA
Medical School: SUNY Downstate
Hobbies: running, yoga, hiking, dancing, singing in the shower
tang Eric Tang
Hometown: Moraga, CA
Undergrad: Columbia University
Medical School: THE SUNY Downstate
Hobbies: Brewing beer, swimming, Warriors, Raiders, Tahir’s fashion advice, thermodynamics
wong Andy Wong
Hometown: BK
Undergrad: Cornell University
Medical School: SUNY Downstate
Hobbies: Hopelessly rooting for the Knicks, traveling, competitive cooking shows
zonnoor Bobak Zonnoor
Hometown: “it’s complicated” (Iran/California)
Undergrad: UC Davis
Medical School: Stony Brook University
Hobbies: traveling, photography, roasting/brewing coffee, literature (dark & European), cinema